As many of you know, a massive overhaul for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been released under the name of Counter-Strike 2 or CS2. This update to the new engine Source 2 will bring a graphic overhaul, new reworked maps, lightning effects, and even new features like a global scoreboard. Overall, new high-resolution details to expand on what's already a great game!

We have made this tutorial so you can learn how to connect to your CS2 server and play with your friends!

Counter Strike 2 image

Before starting

You need a Counter-Strike 2 server, fortunately, here at Iceline Hosting we offer Game Hosting for Counter-Strike 2 which you can purchase here. We also have a guide in our knowledge base to guide you through the server's creation process which you can read here!

How do I connect to my Counter-Strike 2 Game Server?

First, you'll need to copy your server IP, this can be located under your server name in the game panel:

  • Go to your game panel, you can use this URL.
  • Click on your server, you'll be redirected to your server console.
  • Move your cursor to the server name located at the top of your console
  • Click on the IP to copy it to your clipboard
Server Name and Server IP in the Game Panel
  • Alternatively, you can also find your server IP next to your console, clicking on it will also copy the IP to your clipboard
Server address located next to the server's console

Now that you've found and copied your server IP, there are two easy ways to connect to your server: Through the Steam Server Browser, and through the Console.

Connecting to your Server through the Server Browser

Before you connect to your server, you will need to add the server's IP to your 'Favourites' servers in the Server Browser.

Adding the server to your Favourites list

  • Open your Steam Client and go to 'Servers'.
  • The server browser will open, click on the 'Favourites' tab.
  • Click on the 'Add Server' button.
  • A new small window will pop up, just paste the server IP previously copied.
  • When you're done, click on the 'Add this Address to Favourites'.

The server will now appear under your Favourites tab, to connect to the server you will only need to select the server (by clicking on it) and click on the 'Connect' button.

Your server can also appear in the Public server list from the Server browser, but keep in mind it may take a while.

Connecting to your Server through the Console.

This is really easy to do, but the only downside is that through this method you'll need to type/paste the IP each time you want to connect to the server.

You'll need to have the Developer Console enabled, this option can be found in Settings>Game as "Enable Developer Console", just change it to 'Yes'.

  • In the game, open the console with the (~) keyboard key.
  • Type connect <server ip>
  • Press the 'Enter' keyboard key.

For example, if we wanted to connect to the Iceline Server from the example above we would need to type connect 319.189.306.12:28140

  • If you have set a password for your server then you need to use connect <server ip>; password <server password>

For example, if we wanted to connect to the Iceline Server from the example above but it had 'Iceline' as the password then we would need to type connect 319.189.306.12:28140; password Iceline

Make sure to keep an eye on the official Counter-Strike 2 website for any new updates, and feel free to check our Knowledgebase as we're always publishing new content to get you started with your CS2 server!