What Is a CSGO Server?

CSGO allows you to get your own server, you can decide what scripts and maps you want to use. You can use your server for public use or just play with your friends and family. Here is a guide on how to join your CSGO server.

How to Connect to Your CSGO Server?

  1. Navigate to https://game.iceline.host/ and go to your server console.
  2. Start the server up and make sure there are no errors, then you can start the game up
  3. On the main menu page, go to your “game settings” and find where it says “enable developer console” make sure this is ticked to yes.
  4. Next, open the console up and type “connect “yourip:port” You can find your IP and Port on the game panel in the configuration > server info tab. 
  5. Done! You should now be connecting!

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure you have followed this guide properly and checked your console for errors. Whenever errors occur, check the console for the error message. Even after you’ve tried all this, but you’re still facing issues? You can always make a support ticket at any time and we will respond within our business hours. Get in touch with us now.