Once you have successfully created a Valheim Server, whether it be from game server hosting services like Iceline Hosting or your own server, you’ll need to know how to join. Follow the steps below to find out how!

Creating a Character

If you haven’t already, you will need to create a character. You won’t be able to join any Valheim server(s) unless you have created a character. If you already have a character, you can skip this step.

1) Click “Start Game”

2) Click “New”

3) Type in your Name, and then customise your character to your liking!

4) Click “Done”

Connecting via IP

1) Select your character which you previously created, and click “Start”

2) Create a new world if you haven’t already as the prompt will not disappear otherwise

3) Click “Join IP”

4) Type in the server IP and the server port (IP has been blurred), then click “Connect

5) If your Valheim gamer server hosting server has a password set, you will need to enter this to join. Our Valheim Game Servers have a default password set as “secret”. Once you have entered the password, press Enter.

Having Troubles?

Please ensure you are also using the correct IP/PORT to connect with. Please reach out and contact our support team at Iceline Hosting with a ticket if you’re still unable to join.

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