You may have heard about the outstanding success of Palworld, the new indie and early-access game that has dominated Steam charts and amassed millions of players in the short time since its release; A 3d open-world game and revolutionary concept that takes advantage of the best features from other popular games and franchises such as Factorio, Pokemon, Ark: Survival Evolved, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest and more, for a great and fun experience guaranteed to take most hours of your day!

Personally speaking, Ark: Survival Evolved players will find themselves easily immersed in the world of Palworld because both games share core mechanics such as taming, resource gathering, investigating new technologies, and building structures and bases on this new and exciting world filled with the cute and intriguing 'Pals', creatures with unique skills allowing for both aerial and terrestrial exploration, gunplay and more!

While the game can be enjoyed fully on single-player and you will never feel alone thanks to Pals, it's great to know that Palworld also supports multiplayer, so you can hop with your friends on this new world and create diverse teams and bases full of Pals ready to help you!

What is Palworld?

Released on January 19th, 2024. Palworld is a game developed by Pocket Pair, Inc. Palworld is a Survival Open World Game filled with diverse biomes ready to be explored by your own customizable character along with the key components featured in this game: the companions named 'Pals', which are dozens of unique creatures with their elemental natures and unique skills that can help improve your survival chances and assist you with tasks on your base.

Not only that, but Palworld also features Raid Bosses that will require great planning and exp grinding, a leveling system with modifiable stats, dozens of powerful abilities for your Pals that can be used inside and outside combat, Hybrid combat (Pals and Human), a breeding and eclosion system to hatch eggs, collectibles dispersed around the world and even base raids from enemies NPC factions that can be repelled thanks to your pals.

Discover ancient technologies and explore the ground and skies with your Pals, or take your time and build a base with custom decoration and provide your Pals with a nice resting place to spend their free time, or play as an evil lord that captures humans and fights against the guards. This is an open-world game and the choice is ultimately yours to make.

Although it's an early-access game and may contain some bugs, the current state of Palworld allows for a smooth and enjoyable experience, which can only improve with all future additions!

What is a Palworld Server?

Palworld offers multiplayer capabilities thanks to the custom dedicated servers, with a Palworld Server you and your friends will be able to join the same world and play at the same time, and with a hosting provider such as Iceline Hosting you can keep the server up and running 24/7 without any issues, so you and your friends can access and progress at their own rhythm.

Is Palworld Free?

Palworld is not free, it can be purchased through Steam or the Microsoft Store for Xbox players, furthermore, Palworld is available through the Xbox Game Pass.

As of February 2024, the Palworld version available on the Xbox Game Pass isn't compatible with dedicated server hosting, but don't fear! Since this is a new game it's just a matter of time until an alternative is released! You can play private servers with your friends in the meantime.

How to purchase a Palworld Server with Iceline Hosting

Palworld Server Hosting with Iceline Hosting is possible and a good option for your community!, we have a 99% uptime rate along with many functions through our Game Panel to help you easily manage your server. All our services also come with DDoS protection to ensure your server stays online!

To purchase a server with us, just follow these steps:

Palworld Server Hosting with Iceline Hosting
  • Select the plan that better suits your needs and click on 'Get Started'. Don't worry, you can upgrade at any moment.
Palworld Server Hosting packages available with Iceline Hosting
As of February 2024, we have a 50% one-time discount applicable to the first month in Palworld Servers
  • You'll be redirected to the shopping cart, where you can edit the server specs to your liking. When you're done, click on 'Checkout'
Palworld Shopping Cart Checkout
  • Create a new account or use an existing account, when you're done select the payment method, complete the captcha and click on 'Complete the order' to proceed with the payment
Shopping Cart - Registration process
Shopping Cart - Payment method
  • Once you make the payment and it gets processed, you will receive an email with your game panel credentials

As simple as that! You will now be able to manage the server through the billing area and tailor the experience to your liking thanks to the configuration files, so what are you waiting for? Get ready to start your Palworld Journey today with Iceline Hosting!

Connecting to your Palworld Server

Once you've gained access to the game panel, you'll need to locate your server IP so you can join the server.

The Server's IP can be located in 3 places:

  • Down to the server's name on the game panel
Palworld Test Server IP
  • On the menu located to the right of the server's console (If you're using mobile view then this will be located down to the server's console).
Palworld Test Server IP - Menu
  • And under the "Network" tab as the primary allocation.
Palworld Test Server IP - Network Tab

You can manually copy one of these IPs or click on them and they will be automatically copied to your clipboard, now that you've located your server ip, you can follow these steps to join your server:

  • Open Palworld and click on 'Join Multiplayer Game'.
  • This will display the server's list.
  • You'll see a search box down to the server list, paste your server IP and click on 'Connect'.

And that's it! with these simple steps, you are now able to join the server anytime you want, and the server will also be displayed under the 'Recent Servers' tab to speed up future connection attempts.

Configuring your Palworld Server

Palworld Servers can be modified through the Settings file, this will allow for special changes such as lower/higher difficulties, custom capture/experience/spawn/damage rates, custom server names and passwords, and other options like friendly fire or death penalties.

The configuration file is named 'PalWorldSettings.ini' and is located in the /home/container/Pal/Saved/Config/LinuxServer folder. Are you interested in configuring your server? Feel free to read this guide to Learn How to Configure your Palworld Server!

Palworld Server Configuration File

Make sure to turn off the server before making any changes to the file or you may risk losing all the changes!

Managing your Palworld Server

The Game Panel has multiple features to allow for easy access and control of your server, with the game panel you can easily start, restart, or stop your server, monitor your resource usage, transfer the server to different locations with just 1 click, create and manage a database, create manual backups for both the server files and the database, you can even create schedules for automatic backups or restarts on the server to keep the resource usage low and the data protected.

Iceline Hosting Game Panel - Transfer Tab

Do you have a development team? Grant them access to the game panel with the sub-users feature and configure their permissions as needed, they will get their own access credentials to the server, meaning that you won't need to compromise yours.

Create sub-users on the Iceline Game Panel

Check your console log and run your commands through the console. Do you need assistance? Use the shortcuts to the knowledge base, support tickets, and service status.

Iceline Game Panel Console

Palworld Server Support

Palworld is a game still on Early-Access and there could be some bugs, the developers are working extensively to have these issues fixed with each release so keep an eye on their official website. If you experience any issues with your server or require assistance please feel free to contact us through a ticket at any moment, we'll be more than happy to assist you!