What Is the Numbered IP?

The numbered IP of your gamer server hosting is another way for players to connect to your Iceline Server. You may ask the question: How do I find the numbered IP of my server instead of the hostname? This information may be useful for some games that require a numbered IP to be put into certain scripts/mods.

How to Find the Numbered IP of Your Server?

If you would like to find the numbered IP for your game server hosting, you can do so by checking the config files of the server configuration. However, when you do find your IP, I strongly recommend that you only use it for things like plugins/mods that require it. This is because Iceline Hosting likes to keep the IP secure and away from players who could ultimately launch a DDoS attack on your game server hosting using this. Although we do provide DDoS protection, you should always try to avoid it.

How to Find the Numbered IP of Your FiveM Server

There are two ways to do this, you can find it in the config file or you can follow the steps below.

  1. Go to configuration > startup parameters
  2. At the top right you will see a button “FiveM License key info”
  3. Click here and it will display the IP of your server along with the license key info.

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure you have followed the tutorial completely and thoroughly. If you are still having trouble with finding your numbered server IP for your game server hosting, you can reach out to our support team at any time and we will reply back within our office hours!