Admin Radar is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any admin of a Rust servers. It shows you where items, collectibles, ore nodes, player TCs, players (active and sleepers) are, as well as loot, NPC’s, stashes, and more! It’s the best and easiest tool for watching your Rust server hosting server and the players on it! Its basically ESP.

To install it, follow the below instructions:

  1. Navigate to the plugins menu and click on the ADMIN RADAR INSTALL PLUGIN button.
  2. Once installed go to your Rust Console page and start your server or restart it if it is currently running.
  3. First check that oxide is running by typing oxide.version into the console and pressing enter. You should get an oxide version number. E.G. Oxide.Rust Version: 2.0.4961.
    If not, you need to uninstall the uMod Mod and reinstall it.
  4. Now we need to grant a user (yourself) or a group of users permission to use the installed plugin. Once again type the following commands into the rust console and press enter:
    oxide.grant user [YOUR STEAM ID] adminradar.allowed
    oxide.grant user [YOUR STEAM ID] adminradar.auto

Using Admin Radar

Now log into your Rust server hosting server and you will be presented with the following menu in the bottom right corner of your screen. It has all the options to turn off and on various object/player visibilities. To turn these options on and off, you just need to press tab, then use your mouse to toggle each on or off.

You can press enter to open global chat then type /radar help for more info.


For the full options and configurations of the plugin, visit the plugin page located at: https://umod.org/plugins/admin-radar

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure that you have followed the tutorial step by step. If you are still facing issues after checking through the steps, you can always create a support ticket and we will respond back within our business hours.

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