What Is a Data Pack?

In Minecraft, there are many different customizations you can add to enhance your game. One of the most popular is data packs, these can be used in Vanilla Minecraft simply by adding it to your world file. A data pack is a pack that allows you to customize the Minecraft experience by modifying loot tables, structures, recipes, tags, advancements, predicate and functions.

How to Install a Data Pack

  1. If the data pack specifies to extract the data pack, extract it before continuing
  2. Open file management and navigate to the world folder then data packs
  3. Upload your data packs in that folder
  4. Restart your server

Facing Any Issues?

Check the console to see if there are any errors with functions in your data pack, there is a data folder inside your data pack and that you have restarted your Minecraft Server. Once you check these if you are still having issues feel free to contact our support team!