DawnCraft is a Minecraft modpack of over 200 mods ranging from new mobs, powerful bosses and enemies to make you suffer, abilities and perks to help you survive, new structures and dungeons to keep you busy, and a questline for you to follow.

Souls-like fans will be happy to know that DawnCraft also has a Souls-like combat system thanks to Epic Fight, along with a bunch of other mechanics and mods to totally transform your playthrough into a whole different game!

Here are some of the mods that make DawnCraft an amazing modpack to pick for your Minecraft Server:

  • Discover and bring life to the biomes thanks to the variety of real and fictional mobs added by Alex's mobs
  • Battle against the very powerful mutants roaming your world and gain some of their powers with Mutant Monsters
  • Get experience to train your abilities and gain skills to help you run faster or do more damage thanks to Project MMO
  • Is the game getting difficult? Why not consider recruiting some of the new Human Companions available to fight for you and carry your stuff

Did these mods pick your interest? Learn how to install DawnCraft on your server now!

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Before Starting

Since this is a fairly large modpack you will require 6 GB of RAM at minimum on your server to start. You can start with our MC-3 plan and upgrade later when required.

Installation (server-side)

  • Scroll down until you see the server packs on the right side menu, which in this example is named "Minecraft 1.18 Server Packs"
  • Click on the latest available release, this will bring you to the file menu, then click on "Download"
  • Wait for the download to finish, then locate the file in your computer and extract it to a new folder, delete the downloaded .zip file when you're done
  • Open the README file to identify what Forge version will you need

Installing Forge on your Server

We noticed in the previous step that we'll need the 40.2.9 Forge version for DawnCraft 1.28_f2 so we'll go to the official forge page now.

  • Head to the 1.18.2 Minecraft Forge page.
  • Here you have two options, you could either download the latest available release (40.2.10) or click on the 'Show all Versions' button to display the rest of the available builds.
  • For this tutorial, we'll stick to the exact version needed (40.2.9) to avoid possible incompatibilities, click on 'Installer' to download it
  • Wait 5 seconds and skip the advertisement, the download will begin

NOTE: Be really careful where you click on the adfocus advertisement, there have been reports of malware disguised as the Forge version you're trying to download, check that the file is a .jar, if you get a .zip or .rar file DON'T extract it and DON'T open the .exe file. You can refer to this virustotal report to identify the virus file

Fake .jar file, this is actually named forge-1.18.2-40.2.9-installer.jar.zip

If you're failing to get the real Forge file you can hover your cursor over the installer button and click on 'Direct Download'. This should actually download the file you need

  • Open the Forge 1.18.2 installer and select the 'Install Server' option
  • Change the folder to the same folder where you extracted the DawnCraft files and click on 'OK'
  • Wait for the download to complete

You should now have all the required files and can proceed with the next step

Feel free to ignore or delete these 2 files, as they are no longer needed

Importing the files to the server

You will now need to upload all the folder content to your server, for this, you can use the SFTP details (located on the Settings tab of the game panel) with a program like Filezilla, here's a guide on how to connect to your server through SFTP

  • Open Filezilla (or any other SFTP program) and access your server files using your SFTP Details

(We suggest deleting all files on the server before proceeding to avoid conflict within files, make a backup first if you don't wish to permanently lose any files)

  • Locate the folder where you previously extracted the files and upload the folder content to your server, you can drag and drop the files into the server
  • All files will start being uploaded to the server, wait for this process to complete

Note: We need to make a change to the server's startup command to use Forge on Minecraft versions 1.16.5 and above. This will override any future version changes and can only be edited from our end. Please open a ticket and we'll look into it for you.

You will be able to start your server on the game panel after this has been done for you, it may take a while to fully load during the first boot but don't worry as you will be able to join after that

Installation (client-side)

Now that your server is up and running, any player wishing to join will first need to download the modpack on their end through the curseforge app

  • Open the curseforge app, if you don't have it you can download it here
  • In the search bar, type DawnCraft and press the Enter key, click on the highlighted result
    • Alternatively, you can find this modpack on the recommended list
  • Click on install and wait for the download to finish
  • Head to your Modpacks, you will now see a new profile named 'DawnCraft', hover your mouse over this new profile and click on 'Play'

That's it! You and your friends will be able to cooperate and survive in the difficult world of Dawncraft now!

Facing any issues? These modpacks are constantly updated, so make sure both the server and client version match or you won't be able to join the server. Feel free to contact us through a ticket if you have any questions!