What Is a Plugin?

A plugin is a file that goes onto your Rust virtual private server in order to change certain aspects of the game. A whitelist system and Airloot are examples of plugins that are commonly used. You can find many different plugins for your virtual private server!

How to Install Plugins on Your Rust Virtual Private Server

  1. Go to your favorite plugin website, we recommend UMod
  2. Download the plugin you want, and save it on your desktop. 
  3. Login to your FileZilla account, and go to the folder “Plugin”
  4. “RustDedicated_Data” > “Plugin” > Drop your plugin into the folder.
  5. Restart your Rust server, and try to login to your Rust servers. 

Facing Any Issues?

If you have installed a plugin and it’s not loaded into your virtual private server, make sure that your server is running without errors and check that the plugin version you downloaded is the same version of Rust that your server is running. Do you still have problems? Feel free to contact our support team!