What is QBCore?

QBCore is a FiveM server framework, previously known as ‘qbus’. It has since been revamped and continues to be maintained/updated regularly. QBCore offers; no database dependency for static data such as items, jobs, vehicles etc. The use of MySQL2, easily accessible and very expandable player metadata, a surplus amount of scripts meant for great roleplay interactions and many more features we’re sure you’ll love. If you’re looking for some guidance with the installation of QBCore, look no further than this guide.

How to Install QBCore

QBCore can be installed manually, however, here at Iceline Hosting we offer a one-click mod manager that enables you to install frameworks and mods such as QBCore with ease.

  1. Navigate to the Iceline Game Panel and select your service.
  1. Once you’ve selected your server, navigate over to the ‘Mods’ tab as shown in the screenshot below.

As mentioned previously, QBCore can be installed manually, however, within the ‘Mod Manager’, the full QBCore framework and resources are packed together to save you the hassle of downloading and unpacking them all yourself.

  1. Find ‘QBCore Framework’ from within the mod-manager, and select the ‘Install button.
  1. QBCore Framework will then have successfully installed, also updating your ‘server.cfg’ file to ensure all resources are started correctly upon booting your server.

If you’re familiar with using other frameworks, such as ESX for example, you’ll know that you need to set your MySQL connection string from within your ‘server.cfg’ file. This is still necessary, however, with QBCore you also need to set up your database connection elsewhere.

  1. To do this, begin with navigating to the ‘/resources/[standalone]/ghmattimysql’ directory and open the ‘config.json’ file. This is where we’ll be setting our database connection for QBCore.
  1. These credentials are to be exactly the same as the details you will have used when setting your MySQL connection string under your ‘server.cfg’ file.
  1. You can locate your database details by navigating to the ‘Database’ tab, pictured below.
  1. Once you’ve set up your database connection, you’ll be good to go!

Facing any issues?

If you’re still adamant about installing QBCore manually, you can find the official GitHub page here. If you’re having any issues along the way, feel free to reach out to our fantastic support team who are always more than happy to help you resolve any queries or concerns you may have.

Haven’t got a FiveM™ server yet, or thinking about starting one? Here at Iceline Hosting, we offer premium hosting for great prices. If you’re unsure or need any help, contact a member of staff for sales assistance via our live chat.