What is Spongeforge?

One of the most popular ways to play Minecraft is with mods. Minecraft Forge allows you to add mods to your MC server hosting server from Iceline, but what about plugins? Mods and plugins are not compatible with each other, so sadly, you are not able to have some of the classic Bukkit plugins you love such as PermissionsEx. However, with Spongeforge, you are able to add it to the mods folder of your Minecraft server and this will allow the installation of Sponge plugins. The nice part about Sponge plugins is that you will not need to install the plugins client-side. It’s not hard to install Spongeforge on your MC server hosting server, however, there are a few complications that you should be aware of. In this guide, we will be showing you how to install Spongeforge on your Minecraft server.

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How to Install Spongeforge

  1. Head to the Spongeforge download website here.
  2. On this page, you will want to locate the Minecraft version dropdown and confirm it is set to the same version as your Minecraft server. Please note that Spongeforge can only be used on versions 1.10.2, 1.11.2, or 1.12.2.
  3. Click “Download” on the recommended Spongeforge version to download it onto your computer. Make sure your server is running Minecraft Forge.
  4. Head to the game panel and stop your Minecraft server.
  5. Press on “File Management” to the left of your Game Panel.
  6. Open the mods folder and press “Upload” to the top of the panel.
  7. Select the Spongeforge.jar you recently downloaded and press “Open”.
  8. On the panel, if you scroll down, you will see a status bar on the mod. Wait for it to reach the end of the status bar.
  9. Go back to the console and start your MC server hosting server back up. You should now have SpongeForge installed on your Minecraft server.

Facing Any Issues?

If you are experiencing issues after installing Spongeforge, make sure to check the console for the error. Typical problems with this installation are mod compatibility issues, the world needing to be reset, or the incorrect version of Spongeforge was added. Make sure to remove the following mods if your Minecraft server has them installed: LagGoogles and FoamFix. These mods can cause the server to crash. If you are still having issues after this, feel free to contact our support at Iceline Hosting.