Why Use Combatlogx?

CombatLogX is a plugin for Minecraft Servers that allows you to prevent combat logging within your server. What is combat logging? Combat logging is when a player engages in PVP (Player vs Player)  and they try to leave the server before the fight has ended so that their inventory will be safe from the other player. With CombatLogX this is no longer a problem! It blocks you from typing in the chat, dropping items from your inventory, and if you do leave the server you will spawn back in dead. You can also set up many other permissions.

How Do You Setup Combatlogx?

Installing the plugin

  1. Navigate to https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/combatlogx.31689/ there you will download the plugin.
  2. Next, we have to extract the files from the zip file you have downloaded. Use whatever program you normally use to unzip files (I use winrar).
  3. Once you have the files extracted go to where you have installed your server and navigate to the plugin’s folder. Drag and drop the files you extracted into the plugins folder.
  4. Start up your server and connect to it. You can see if it was successfully installed by typing “pl” into the server console or “/pl” in the game chat.

Configuring the plugin

To configure the plugin how you want to navigate to the plugins folder and click on the folder CombatLogX. Then go into config.yml and you should see all the options there. For help with permissions please follow the documentation from where you downloaded the plugin.



Bypass Permission: The bypass permission is configurable in the config.yml file

combatlogx.notifier.toggle – /combatlogx toggle

combatlogx.reload – /combatlogx reload

combatlogx.tag – /combatlogx tag

combatlogx.untag – /combatlogx untag combatlogx.version – /combatlogx version

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Facing Any Issues?

Make sure that you have installed the plugin correctly and have followed the tutorial exactly. Also, make sure that your permissions are set up how you want them! Even after you checked all of this and you’re still having issues? You can submit a ticket at any time and we will get back to you within our office hours.

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