The Minecraft multiplayer mode had a huge evolution with the passing of the years, the multiple tools created by its community have proved to be really useful and have brought endless and amazing possibilities, like huge Minecraft servers capable of hosting hundreds of players, or even server networks, which are made of multiple servers with their own modalities and plugin and linked to the main server. While this may be good for players, it supposes an extra spend for their creators and developers, making it unsustainable in a lot of cases, fortunately, there are a few tools and platforms available for monetization, one of them being Tebex!

What’s Tebex?

Tebex is a platform that will allow you to monetize your server through the creation of a web store linked to it, consequently, allowing you to sell elements and services inside the server to the users, or ask for donations. Tebex is without a doubt the best option for server monetization, and its history started years ago when it was known as Buycraft. Aside from Minecraft, Tebex also supports other games, such as Garry’s Mod, FiveM, CS:GO, and ARK:SE.

Compatible with Minecraft Bedrock and Java edition (both online and offline), and it has multiple integrations and plugins for the different server types available (Spigot, Sponge, Bungeecord, and even Forge!), bringing you the opportunity to monetize your server modality without any problems!

It has its own powerful web editor and a collection of themes, allowing you to customize your web store as you like, there are also plenty of payment methods available for your store and doesn’t require vast knowledge, meaning that you can get your web store up and running in just a few minutes!

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Basic Setup

In this guide, we’ll cover the aspects of

  • Creating an account
  • Creating a webstore
  • Installing and linking the plugin on our Minecraft server
  • As well as the creation of a product (rank), which will be assigned to the customer on the purchase

How to create an account

  • Head to the Tebex official page,
  • You’ll see a text box, type your email address here and click on the ‘Create My Webstore’ button
  • You’ll be moved to a different page where you’ll be asked to type your name, last name, and the password for your account. Once you’re done, click on the ‘Create Account’ button
  • You’ll receive an email to verify your account, click the ‘Activate Account’ button (or copy the URL)
  • Your account will now be activated, and you’ll get redirected to your profile
    • You can set 2-FA too if you want

Setting up the Tebex webshop for your Server

  • Once you’re logged in, head to the Webstores section of the left side panel, or click here!
  • Click on the ‘Create Your First Webstore’ button
  • You’ll get redirected to a new page, where you’ll see all the available platforms/games,
  • We can use the search bar to sort the results starting with Minecraft. As you can see in the picture below, you can choose between Minecraft Bedrock, Java, and Offline/Geyser servers
  • Once you’ve selected your platform, you’ll have to set a name, description, and primary currency for your store, don’t worry since you can change this information later as you seem fit
  • Click on Continue when you’re done

The next step will be installing the plugin on the server and linking it to the webstore.

Installing the Plugin to your Minecraft Server

  • Download the plugin corresponding to the server version you’re using, in this case, we’ll select the Spigot / Bukkit Plugin
  • Access your server files through SFTP, here’s a guide on how to do it
  • Once you’ve accessed your server files, locate the file recently downloaded (which should be called BuycraftX.jar)
  • Drag and drop it on your server /plugins/ folder
  • Now head to your game panel and restart the server

You can verify if the plugin has been installed by typing /buycraft in the console

Linking the plugin to the webstore

Once you’ve made sure that the plugin has been installed, you can now proceed with the linking

  • Copy the command located in step 3 of the installation, this contains your secret key.
    • Please DO NOT share it since this may compromise your server security
  • Once you’ve copied it, paste it onto your server’s console, your web store will be now linked and you’ll get the following message:

After clicking on Continue, you’ll see the following screen with a bunch of the available features through the Tebex panel, like uploading a logo, adding a team member, or changing the domain. We’ll now create a package (rank) for our shop 

Create a product for your webstore

  • In your Tebex panel, head to the ‘Packages’ option found on the left sidebar
  • Click on the ‘Add New’ button and select ‘Package’, this will send you to the editor

You can choose a name for the package, an image, a Minecraft icon for an in-game preview of the package through the plugin, a brief description of the product you’re selling, the price, limits, time duration of the package.. etc, and more importantly, the command or action that will be done once the customer purchases the package

In this example, we’ve put for sale the VIP rank we made on our LuckPerms tutorial, feel free to read it here!

Packages Tebex
You can modify the description using the tools from the text editor as you wish

Set a command to be run on purchase

After setting the details for our package, the next step would be setting up the command that will be run for the player when the payment has been confirmed. We can do this in the next section of the package editor.

  • There are a few options available depending on the type of package you’re selling
    • In this case, click on the “Game Server Commands” button
  • Select the Web Store on which this command will be run
  • Click on the ‘Add command’ button located on the right

You can set a few different statements and the commands run on the server automatically by the system given the situation.

In this example, we’ve set the /lp user {username} parent add vip command to be run in the server once the package is purchased, and the /ban command as a measure if the user tries to chargeback the purchase

  • As you can see in the example above, we’re using the Tebex variable {username}, which will be replaced with the value provided by the customer during the purchase
  • After making all the changes you want, click on the Create button at the bottom of the page
Rank being sold in the webstore
Your new created rank should look like this

Create a category for your products

Categories are useful to sort the items you’ll be selling on your site, the process to create a Category is more or less the same as creating a product

  • Head to the Packages section of the Tebex panel
  • Click on the Add New button located on the right and select ‘Category’
    • You can set a name for the category, provide a brief description that will appear above the products list, configure the visibility, and set a Minecraft icon for it
Category editor for your webstore
We’ve created a Category called ‘Ranks’ that will be displayed in the webstore menu bar
  • Click on the Create bottom at the bottom of the screen when finished
Product list in the webstore
You can see a list of the available ranks under the ‘Ranks’ category

How to access your webstore

You can see it at any moment through the ‘View Webstore’ button at the top bar of your panel

You can also access your webstore through the game server by typing /buy, this will let you see the available ranks on their respective categories in-game and buy them

Buy menu from Tebex in the server
The /buy menu in-game
This is the message that will come after selecting a product

That’s it! You’re now done with the very basic stuff to get your store up and running! Feel free to modify it as you wish and get creative with all the available features for you!

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