What Is Player Data?

Player data is any information that is stored about your players on your Minecraft server. The information is usually stored in a plugin folder or in the MC server hosting server’s world folder.

What Are the Different Types of Player Data?

The first type of player data is known as “world player data”. This is usually stored in the main world folder for your MC server hosting server and tracks health, inventory data, ender chests, and a few other NBT values for players (such as their last location). The second type of player data is known as “plugin player data”. This is data stored by plugins (such as EssentialsX) that store extra information about players such as power tools they create or nicknames that they have set.

How Do I Reset World Player Data?

First, you need to know the name of the player you are trying to reset data for. I’ll use my name as an example. Then you need to get the player’s UUID. You can do this by using a plugin or by going to the NameMC Website.

After you figure out their UUID, make sure your Minecraft server is stopped and open your FTP program. Navigate to your world’s player data folder. If you have not changed any settings, this would be in “/world/playerdata/”. Once you are in this folder you can find the file named “uuid.dat” and delete it. I have provided an image example when using WinSCP. Notice that the path is “/Spawn/playerdata”. This server had the world name changed to “Spawn”.

How Do I Reset Plugin Player Data?

Every plugin stores data differently, but most plugins are quite similar. In this example, we will be deleting SirBlobman’s data from the EssentialsX plugin. First, you need to know the name and UUID of the player you are removing data for. An example of finding the UUID is displayed above, in the “How do I remove world player data?” section. Then, you need to make sure your MC server hosting server from Iceline Hosting is offline and open your FTP program. Navigate to the plugin’s player data folder. For EssentialsX, this would be “/plugins/Essentials/userdata/”. You can delete their “.yml” file. An example image is provided below:

Facing Any Issues?

If you have followed this guide completely, the data for that player should be set to the default values the next time they join. If this did not work, make sure the player’s name and UUID are correct. If you are still having issues after this, feel free to contact Iceline Hosting support team for further assistance.