What Is a Superadmin in FiveM?

FiveM has implemented a number of open- and admin commands in the server by default.

With superadmin, you can execute specific commands such as /noclip, /ban, /kick and more. Superadmin commands allow you to moderate your FiveM server.

How to Set Yourself as a Superadmin in Your ESX v2 FiveM Server?

  1. Join your server via FiveM.
  2. When fully loaded, press the arrow up until the player’s dialog appears. (Otherwise try F10 or F11)
  3. In the player’s dialog find your user ID
  4. Remember your user ID and don’t exit or disconnect your game session
  5. Open your Iceline Game Console
  6. Type in: setgroup USERID superadmin. You need to replace USERID with your ID you found in section 3
  7. Press ENTER. The command will now run and set your user to superadmin
  8. Open the game and type an admin command to test. If it doesn’t work then please restart the game and run the in-game command again

How to Set Yourself as a Superadmin in Your QB-Core FiveM Server?

  1. If you are using Steam, go to your Steam profile and copy the URL, it should have the following (or similar) format: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Go to https://steamid.pro/ and paste your profile URL, then click Lookup
  3. Copy the FiveM, HEX value
  4. Go to the game panel, navigate to the file manager
  5. Open the server.cfg file
  6. Search for the line “add_ace group.admin command.quit deny
  7. Paste the following text underneath the line found in the previous step: add_principal identifier.xxxxxxxxxxxxx group.admin making sure to replace the “x” characters with the value you copied in step 3
  8. Restart the server
  9. Done

That’s It!

Attention: In the newer version of ESX, es_extended and essentialmode have made updates. It is possible that you cannot give yourself a superadmin because of this. We recommend that you downgrade your es_extended to a version before April 1, 2020.

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