What is FTP?

The acronym FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It’s a communication protocol developed in the late 70’s that allows one computer to transfer files to another computer over a network.

All of our Game VPS plans come with an FTP server pre-installed, however, some configuration is required before it works.

How to use FTP

You need a client installed on your computer to use FTP. There are different choices, but the most popular are WinSCP and FileZilla. When it comes to FTP, both clients will offer the same functionality, so choose whatever suits you best.

Once you have a client installed, you need an account on the destination server in order to transfer files so we’ll set this up now.

How to create an FTP account

With our Windows VPS plans, the XAMPP software suite comes pre-installed by default, also including an FTP server. To create an account, open XAMPP and follow these steps:

  1. Start the FileZilla service if it’s not already running

2. Open the FileZilla administration interface by clicking on the “Admin” button

3. With the interface open, go to Edit > Users

4. Go to the Users section in the newly opened window and click on “Add” to add a new user

5. Pick an username and click “OK”

6. With the account created, select the “Password” checkbox and type the password for this user

7. After typing the password, click “OK” on the left hand side

Lastly, restart the FileZilla service and connect to the server using the newly created account.