What Is a Minecraft World?

If you are hosting a Minecraft Server, you may want to import a custom world. This is of course not a requirement as a new world is generated when you buy an MC server hosting server at Iceline Hosting. However, having a custom world could be a great thing as you can import it for the spawn, for a custom game mode, custom terrain, and much more.

How to Upload a Minecraft World

  1. Head to the Iceline Game Panel and stop the Minecraft server.
  2. To the left of the panel, click on “File Management”
  3. Locate the “SFTP Details” to the right of this page. When uploading your world, you need to use a third-party FTP such as FileZilla or WinSCP. The SFTP details are what you will use in order to log in.
  4. Once you connect to your FTP, drag your world folder into the main directory and wait for it to fully upload.
  5. Once uploaded, head back to the FTP on the website and locate “server.properties”. Open the file and search for “level-name”
  6. Change the “level-name” to the name of the folder that you just uploaded.
  7. Start your MC server hosting server and it should have the new world loaded!

Facing Any Issues?

If you join your Minecraft server and the world is still not loaded, make sure that the world folder isn’t in a .zip archive and also check the level-name option in server.properties is set correctly. If you have followed all of these instructions and are still having trouble, feel free to contact Iceline Hosting Support team.