What Is a Whitelist?

Having a whitelist on your server is essentially a system that allows you to choose who can and cannot join your server. If you want to have a private Minecraft server for just friends or family, a whitelist is just the way to do so. This is the ultimate built-in protection against griefers or hackers and it is very easy to set up as there are no plugins required for it. In this tutorial, we will be explaining how you can set up a whitelist on your Minecraft Server.

How to Turn on a Whitelist

When typing commands in console, do not use a /. All of the commands for whitelist can be used in-game as well if you are a server operator. If you make sure you are using a / to add them.

  1. Go to the Iceline game panel.
  2. To the left of the panel, click on the “Console” tab.
  3. In the console, you will need to type “whitelist on”.
  4. Once you type that command, you should see a message saying the whitelist was turned on.
  5. To turn whitelist off again, type “whitelist off”.

How to Add a Player to the Whitelist

  1. Head to the console in your Iceline game panel.
  2. In the console, type “whitelist add playernamehere”.
  3. Once you type this, you should see a message saying the player was added to the whitelist.
  4. You can remove them from the whitelist by typing “whitelist remove playernamehere”.

Facing Any Issues?

If you have followed the steps in this guide to set up the whitelist and are still having issues, make sure that you did not use a / in the console and that your player is opped if you want to set it up in-game.

If you are still having issues with this, feel free to contact Iceline Hosting’s support.