Why Use a Whitelist?

Using a whitelist system adds an extra layer of protection for the other players on your Rust server. Whitelists restrict access to your Rust server, only allowing players who have the whitelist permissions. Why is it important to have an extra level of protection? Well, we all know that sometimes our Rust servers will attract cheaters/people who just don’t want to follow your server rules. We get it, it’s a pain for admins to have to be dealing with players like that. With a whitelist, you get to choose who’s allowed in your Rust server by manually giving them permission to join.

I Don’t Want Cheaters on My Rust Server, How Do I Set It Up?

  1. Navigate to ( https://umod.org/games/rust ). There you will download a plugin called Oxide. Make sure that you are always using the latest version or it could cause errors.
  2. After you have it installed you are ready to start adding plug-ins! Navigate to ( https://umod.org/plugins/whitelist ). There you will download another plug-in called “Whitelist.” Drag and drop the Whitelist.cs into your oxide folder then plug-ins (\oxide\plugins).
  3. Start your Rust server up so that Whitelist.cs loads into the server. It will then create a file inside of the config folder (\oxide\config). Open up this file and you will see configuration to ignore admins from the whitelist & to reset on restart (you can read more about these in the documentation for the plug-in).

Adding Yourself and Other Players to the Whitelist

  1. Go into your console, or for this tutorial, we will be using RustAdmin which is a remote console or RCON. You can download RustAdmin here: ( https://www.rustadmin.com/ ).
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed RustAdmin, you need to go to the top left where it says “server.” Click on it and click connect. It will then ask you for your server’s IP, Server Port, RCON port, and password. You can find your server port, RCON port, and password in your servers start.bat file.
  3. Once you have entered your info click “save” at the bottom. Go back to the top right after you hit save, and hit connect again. At this point, you should now be connected to RustAdmin RCON. Once in RustAdmin on the left-hand side, you should see Console, Oxide, and chat. We need to be focusing on the Oxide tab. Click the oxide tab on the left and then where it says “Type a command to execute” at the bottom, you want to put oxide.grant user STEAMIDHERE whitelist.allow

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure that you have typed in the right server IP, server port, RCON port, and password. Also make sure that you have followed the tutorial 100% so that oxide, whitelist, and RustAdmin have installed correctly. Even after you checked all of this, are you still having issues? You can submit a ticket at any time and we will get back to you within our office hours.


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