In Minecraft, armour is essential for protecting yourself from enemy attacks. If you’re looking to maximise your defence, you need to know which enchantments are the best for each piece of armour. We’ll cover the best enchantments for other items in the game, e.g Tools however, In this blog post, we will discuss the top Minecraft armour enchantments and how to obtain them. Stay safe out there!

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Which enchantments for all armour?

The following enchantments tend to be placed on most pieces of armour, tools, etc within Minecraft.

  • Unbreaking III: This one’s pretty self-explanatory, it increases the overall durability of your armour so that you might not lose a piece of durability when taking damage.
  • Mending: Mending’s pretty much essential for any gear that you wish to keep for the long term. The way mending works is that any XP picked up will go towards repairing your gear. It saves you having to repair with other resources, and works extremely well if you have an XP farm.
  • Protection IV: This is also a very important enchantment, as it reduces the overall amount of damage you take. For every level of protection, you’re given an additional four points of armour.

As well as the enchantments that should be on each piece of armour, some of your gear will have enchantments for that specific piece. We’ll continue to cover the best enchantments in Minecraft for armour below.


Ever since the introduction of the 1.17 Cave and Cliff’s update, and the recent 1.18 update, helmet enchantments have become more and more effective. There aren’t very many, however, the best helmet enchantments are as follows.

  • Respiration III: This enchantment extends the overall time that you can hold your breath underwater in Minecraft. Each level of respiration increases your underwater breathing time by 15 seconds.
  • Aqua Affinity: Increases your mining speed when underwater – also very useful for underwater exploration.


Enchantments for boots in Minecraft are again, very helpful for exploration and ensuring that you have the best possible defence for different situations.

  • Depth Strider III: This enchantment is perfect for underwater exploration as it negates the speed penalty for swimming underwater and allows you to travel a lot faster.
  • Feather Falling IV: If you’re anything like me in Minecraft, a lot of your deaths might be related to falling… Especially since the release of the Cave & Cliffs update where fall damage is often inevitable. Feather Falling reduces fall damage massively and will allow you to survive even the highest of drops.
  • Frost Walker II: This enchantment isn’t particularly essential, however, as an honourable mention it creates a frosted ice block when walking on water which can be great for traversing large areas or farming for ice.


Last but not least, an item you’ll likely want to pear with your enchanted armour is a shield. The shield in Minecraft allows you to protect against any incoming attack from in front of you. The shield is often put into a player’s off-hand slot for quick access to block against attacks.

Unfortunately, the only enchantments that are currently allowed on the shield are Mending and Unbreaking which are mentioned at the top of this post.

That quite sums up today’s blog post, relatively short, but I hope now if you weren’t sure before with which enchantments you’ll want to be placing on that new set of Diamond of Netherite armour you’ve just crafted that you now know. Keep an eye on our blog posts if you’re interested to see the best enchantments for tools within Minecraft.

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