Counter-Strike 2 is a game that can be enjoyed in singleplayer with the bots and training modes included in the game, but this can be boring and solitary after a while and to be honest, you won't be enjoying the game at its full potential, that being multiplayer.

Playing any multiplayer mode in Counter-Strike 2 is as easy as locating a server or game mode and joining, but these servers are managed by other people and are subject to their changes or criteria, thankfully and as in other games, you can create your own Counter-Strike 2 server with your own rules and modes, and invite other players to join, which will result in the creation of a new vibrant and unique community of like-minded players who will keep your server alive and attract more players.

Building a community can be hard and may take a while, but with this guide, you will be one step closer to having your own successful Counter-Strike 2 community to play and have fun!

Before Starting

The first step to starting your own Counter-Strike 2 community is purchasing a server from a game-hosting provider, this is essential to keep your server available for your players 24/7

Purchase Counter-Strike 2 Game Hosting at Iceline today and enjoy some of the features from our game panel to ensure easy management of your Counter-Strike 2 server! Follow this guide to learn how to purchase a Counter-Strike 2 Server.

Finding players for your community

Looking for players can be a bit hard, but thankfully there are multiple websites available where you can find players who are currently looking for a team and may be excited to join your server! For example:


TeamTavern is a website where you can create a profile to let other players and teams know that you're looking for a team, or you could see the other players' profiles and invite them to your community! You can check its official website here.

TeamTavern Splash Image


As the name implies, in Teamfind you can find other players and teams and invite them to your server personally, your account will be displayed to other users after you register and they could contact you too. Check the official website here.

Teamfind splash image


Another good website to find players is Scope.GG, just register using your FaceIt or Steam account and its algorithm will suggest potential teammates based on your stats, then just contact them and they will hopefully answer back! Register now through this URL.

Scope.GG Splash Image

Steam Forum

The official forum is always a good way to find new players, just go to the 'Looking for players' subforum and create a new thread following the headlines, hopefully, your community will attract the attention of new players! You can go to the aforementioned subforum through this URL.

Counter Strike Official Steam Forum

Are you still having trouble finding users to join your server? Try looking for gaming servers in Discord, that's also a good way to find players :)

Tips and recommendations to keep your community happy

Keeping your player base happy is a key point for the success of your community, here are a few useful tips you can follow:

  • Create a Forum/Discord: Having an official group chat or website will encourage communication with your community outside the server, and can also be a good way to announce any changes or additions if required. Heavy emphasis on Discord, as it's one of the best options for gaming groups!
  • Set up Community Rules: All servers require some sort of rules to maintain order and prevent future problems, while also guaranteeing a welcoming environment for any new players.
  • Monitor and Enforce your Rules: Make sure to keep an eye on your server and listen to any player reports, you don't want a cheater running free in your server ruining the experience for all the other players. Sanction the rule-breakers accordingly.
  • Listen To Your Community: Always make sure to keep in touch with your community for they bring life to the server, be open to suggestions, and consider introducing new content to keep them excited.
  • Recognize and promote successful players: Everyone wants to succeed and feel acknowledged, and this is especially the case in a competitive game like Counter-Strike, consider implementing a personal scoreboard or organizing competitions so your players can have something to aim for. If you're looking for players to join your Staff team prioritize old and loyal players (if they fulfill the role requirements of course).

And with that, we've reached the end of this tutorial, feel free to check our Knowledgebase for new guides to help you get started in your Counter-Strike 2 server. Do you have any questions? Please open a ticket or contact us through a livechat, we'll be happy to help!