When creating and playing on your Counter-Strike 2 Server you may wish to modify the server's tickrate. At Iceline Hosting, the default server tickrate is set at 128.

The tickrate in Counter-Strike refers to the server update rate. It's essentially how often the game server updates the game state per second. A higher tickrate means more frequent updates, which can lead to smoother, more accurate movements and shots in the game.

The standard tickrate for Counter-Strike servers is typically 64, but some servers, especially those used for competitive play, may have a tickrate of 128 for even better precision and responsiveness.

We have created a simple, yet detailed tutorial on how to change your CS2  tickrate.

Getting Started

Before following this tutorial, you should have a Counter-Strike 2 server deployed. We, at Iceline Hosting, provide Game Hosting for Counter-Strike 2, enabling you to create a brand-new CS2 server in no time.

Alternatively, we recommend you delve into our extensive guide, "How to Create a Counter-Strike 2 Server". Crafted for both newcomers and seasoned users, this guide elaborates on the methods of server creation and the diverse deployment choices you can choose from.

How to Change Counter-Strike 2 Server Tickrate

First, you'll need to navigate to your server in the Iceline Game Panel:

  • Go to the Iceline Game Panel
  • Click on your CS2 server, you'll be redirected to the console page
  • Navigate to the "Startup" tab which can be found at the top
  • You'll then be able to locate the "tickrate" box
  • Change this value accordingly, default at Iceline is 128

Once you have updated your CS2 server tickrate, you'll need to restart your server to ensure the changes are updated.

Make certain to keep updated with the latest by frequently checking out the official Counter-Strike 2 website for new updates. Additionally, feel free to explore our Knowledgebase; we continually upload new content to aid you in kickstarting your CS2 server journey!