Yet another Discord Core dependent plugin that will allow users (with the respective permission) to run commands in the game server directly from Discord, a good tool for admins and moderators!

You need to have Discord Core installed and configured in your server, you can follow this guide to install it

Installation (Mod Manager)

  • From your game panel, go to the plugins tab.
  • Using the search bar, search for the “Discord Commands” plugin and press the “Install Plugin” button.
  • Restart your server.

Installation (Manually)

  • Download the plugin directly from the page (
  • Go to your server game panel>Files manager.
  • Go to the oxide folder>plugins and drop the file there.
    • Alternatively, you can use SFTP to upload the file, your SFTP details can be found on the Settings menu of your game panel.
  • Restart your server.


Set a channel for logging the commands that were run on the server

  • In your server files, go to oxide>config
  • Open the DiscordCommands.json file
  • Paste your channel id as a value for the “Command Usage Logging Channel Id” 
    • You can find your channel id on the URL, see the example

Change the default ‘/command’ command

  • In your server files, go to oxide>config
  • Open the DiscordCommands.json file
  • Replace the value “command” on the “Discord Command Command” section with anything you want. Make sure it doesn’t conflict with any other command from other plugins

That’s it! You can check the plugin page for more information.

Make sure to set the discordcommands.execute permission for users to be able to run the command (after linking the accounts)

Facing any issues?

Make sure you haven’t made any syntax mistakes while modifying the config file, feel free to contact us for any questions you might have. You can check all our Rust tutorials here.

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