Discord Core is an uMod modification that provides linking functionality between a discord server and players, while this plugin doesn’t have a characteristic feature, it is required for all the other plugins such as Discord Chat or Discord Commands, that add interesting and special custom features accessible to users from the chat! 

Before Starting

You’ll need the Discord plugin installed on your Rust Server, if done, you can skip this step

  • Go to the uMod page
  • Download the latest release
  • In your server’s game panel, go to File Manager>RustDedicated_Data/Managed
  • Drop the downloaded file there
    • As an alternative, you can use SFTP for this, check this guide on how to connect to your server via SFTP

Installing Discord Core

Installation (Mod Manager)

  • From your game panel, go to the plugins tab.
  • On the search bar, search for the “Discord Core” plugin and press the “Install Plugin” button.
  • Restart your server.

Installation (Manually)

  • Download the plugin directly from the page
  • Go to your server game panel>Files manager.
  • Go to the oxide folder>plugins and drop the file there.
    • You can use SFTP for this
  • Restart your server.

Setting an API key

You’ll need an API key for all the Discord plugins to work

  1. Go to the Discord Developer Portal (https://discord.com/developers/applications )
  2. Press on New Application and give it a unique name
  3. Go to the ‘bot’ section at the left and press the ‘Add bot’ button
  4. Press on ‘Token’ to reveal it, copy and paste it on the ‘Discord Api key’ section of the plugin’s configuration 
    • In case you have trouble finding it, it is located on oxide>config, you need to run the server once with the plugin on it for the DiscordCore.json file to generate
  5. Navigate to the following link on your browser, replace BotID with your Application ID (which can be found in the General Information section)
  6. Authorize the bot to join your server

The plugin should now be working on your server, however, make sure to set the discordcore.use permission for users to be able to use the commands during the linking process

In addition, some plugins may require “Presence Intent” & “Server Members Intent” enabled on your discord app, you can find both options on Settings>Bot

Linking discord account

With the whole process now almost done, the next thing is for you to link your discord account to the bot, this can be done in two ways

From discord

  1. In the discord chat, send ‘/join’ to the bot
  2. If everything has been correctly set up, the bot should answer you with a command
  3. Paste the command in the in-game console 

From in-game

  1. In the game chat, type /dc join YourDiscordUsername
  2. The bot will send you a message, answer it by sending the code you got on the game chat

Unlinking discord account

You can unlink your discord account at any moment by sending /dc leave in the game chat

That’s it! Discord Core should now start working correctly. You can now use it with other extensions, you can find more information on the official plugin’s page

Facing any issue?

Make sure you’ve set the oxide permission to your users, furthermore, message the bot with the commands to test it’s working. Above all, do NOT share your API key. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. You can check all our Rust tutorials here.

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