Some of the most known modalities in the Minecraft servers are the PvP ones, allowing players to fight against each other using a selection of predefined kits of objects acting as classes, or even using their own inventory with the risk of losing it all, gaining points and dominating the scoreboards. There are multiple servers and plugins dedicated completely to this modality, but the duels can also be implemented inside a Survival server, or even any other, like Skyblock.

That said, Duels is a Minecraft Plugin that will allow users to fight between them, betting money or objects. Duels even has its own intuitive GUI. You can create a Lobby, your own arenas, and kits which the users could then use on their fights, a very complete plugin and really easy to configure, with a lot of creative potential, create your own Sumo Fights or Horseback Archery!

Duels also have integration with famous and related plugins, bringing features that will help to keep the fights balanced and fair for everyone, features that could also be disabled in the configuration file if you wish so. For example, its integration with Factions will allow members to not lose power when dying in a duel, providing a way to settle things without risking the entire base; or its integration with mcMMO disabling the abilities during the duel, you could also set a scoreboard with its own plugin’s data by using the Placeholder API

Duels also count with a series of permissions that can be assigned to any group of your choice with a plugin like LuckPerms, allowing you to create exclusive kits for certain ranks

Duels Installation

Make sure your server is running on Paper or Spigot or this plugin won’t work


  • Go to the plugin’s official page
  • Press the Download Now button
  • Once you have downloaded the plugin, access your server files through SFTP, here’s a guide on how to do it
  • Drag and drop the plugin previously downloaded into your Plugins folder

Through our Game panel

  • In the Game Panel, go to the plugins tab
  • Using the search bar, look up ‘Duels’
Iceline Game Panel Plugins tab
Select the highlighted option
  • Press the ‘Install Plugin’ button
  • Start the server, we can now proceed with the initial setup

Setting up an arena and lobby

Create a Lobby for the Duels

The players will get teleported here after winning a duel, just go to the place you want and type

/duels setlobby
Setting a duels lobby in the server
You’ll get this message in-game

You can travel back to the lobby by typing /duels lobby. Make sure to protect the zone with WorldGuard or anyone will be able to break things

Create an arena

  • First of all, you need to build an arena and protect it with WorldGuard, if you don’t know how to do this feel free to look at our WorldGuard tutorial
  • In the server, type
/duels create Name Of The Arena 
In this example, we’ve created an arena called Sphere (despite the zone not being one)
  • Now we need to set the spawn locations for the players, go to each intended point, and type the following commands:
Player 1:

/duels set Name Of The Arena 1
Player 2:

/duels set Name Of The Arena 2

You can travel back to each location by using

/duels tp Name Of The Arena 1-2

The arena is fully usable now, but you might want to create a kit first.

  • If needed, you can delete an arena with
/duels delete Name Of The Arena
  • Or temporarily disable it with:
/duels toggle Name Of The Arena

How to create and delete a kit

  • Creating a Kit is as simple as making an arena, just put all the things in your inventory and type
/duels savekit Kit Name 
Creating a Duels kit called Stone
  • You can delete the kit by typing
/duels deletekit Kit Name 
How to delete the kit previously created

If you want, you can set an item as an icon for your kit by typing /duels setitem Kit Name while having said item displayed on the hand.

Setting an icon for our Duels kit Stone
We’ve set the stone sword held as the icon for our “Stone” kit

Kits can be configured through a GUI on the server, use /duels options Kit Name to access it, and /duels bind Kit Name if you want to bind that kit to a specific arena. 

Duels options menu for the Kit previously made
The options menu for the Kit ‘Stone’

How to Duel a player

The initial steps have been covered, and now you’re ready to duel a player, you can do this by typing:

/duel Player Name Money Bet Amount - (the money bet is optional)

And you can accept or deny the request by typing

/duel accept
/duel deny

Once the other player accepts the duel a GUI will open, on which you can bet items or use your own inventory, select the arena and the kit you want, and hit on Ready. A countdown will start and you will be transported to one of the two spawn points of the arena.

Duels GUI when dueling another player
Player GUI

If you win the battle, you’ll get the amount of money/items betted and win ELO points for the rating system


There are a bunch of other commands not covered in this guide that may be helpful, some of them are:

/duels help  = Provides a categorized list of the commands available

/duel toggle = Enable or disable receiving duel requests

/duel top = Displays the top win or losses

/duel stats Player Name = Allows you to see your or other’s duel stats (wins, losses, ratio, kits used, and recent matches)

/duels list = Allows you to see all the available arenas, kits, and queues

/spectate = To spectate other players duels

/queue = To see a list of the available Queues
  • You can also create your queues available for all the users by using:
/duels createqueue Money amount to bet Kit Name
  • And delete it with:
/duels deletequeue
  • Furthermore, after creating a queue you can put it on a sign by using:
/duels addsign Money amount to bet Kit Name (while looking at a sign) 
  • And delete it with:
/duels delsign


Duels counts with a few user permissions, while the /duel command is available to all groups by default, you can manually assign or remove the others. Here you can find a list with all the available permissions

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure that you have installed the plugin correctly and have followed the tutorial exactly. If you are still having issues after this, feel free to contact Iceline Hosting’s support for further assistance.

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