What is Quick Smelt?

Quick smelt is a Rust Server plugin that allows players to smelt/cook items at a lot faster rate than usual. This is an important plugin that you might want to consider installing if you’re running a modded Rust server with increased gather rates. To install Quick Smelt on your Rust server hosting server, you’ll need to ensure that you have Oxide installed. You can view our tutorial on how to install Oxide here.

How to install Quick Smelt to Your Rust Server

  1. To begin, start by downloading the ‘Quick Smelt’ plugin by navigating to your game panel, select the ‘plugins’ tab, and click install on ‘Quick Smelt’. You can now skip to step four. Alternatively, you can install the plugin manually from here and follow the steps below.
  2. Connect to your SFTP via FileZilla (We have a guide on how to do this here).
  3. Upload the ‘QuickSmelt.cs’ file to your /oxide/plugins folder.
  4. You can now restart your Rust server.
  5. To configure the plugin navigate to “/oxide/config/QuickSmelt.json” either through the file-manager on the Iceline panel or through FTP. The configuration file will look similar to the one below.

  1. To increase the rate that items are smelted in furnaces by 10x the vanilla speed, under “Speed Multipliers” change “furnace.shortname” to “furnace” and change the multiplier next to it from “1.0” to “10.0”.
  2. If you would like all players on your Rust server hosting server to have access to quick smelt without assigning permissions simply change “Use Permission” at the top of the configuration to “false”.

If you would like only a certain group/user to have access to this plugin, assign the permission “quicksmelt.use” with the Oxide permission syntax “oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. To increase the rate of any other multipliers or in-game items, you can view how on the official uMod page for Quick Smelt here.

Facing issues?

The format is very important when editing .json configuration files so the use of a JSON editor or validation site will help with any formatting issues you might be having. Also, check your Rust server console for any errors! If you’re still having problems, feel free to contact our support team.

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