The furnace splitter is a wonderful plugin that automatically allocates the right amount of wood for the ore that’s put in the furnace. It also splits the ore so that you get maximum efficiency on wood usage and the shortest time to smelt the ore. It works with both small and large furnaces.

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Installing The Plugin

  1. Navigate to the plugins menu in the Game Panel and click on the FURNACE SPLITTER INSTALL PLUGIN button. If you can’t find it, you can search for it in the search box.

  2. To install the mod manually you will need to download the plugin .CS file from the download link on the following page:

    Once downloaded you will need to upload it to the following folder using the file manager: /home/container/oxide/plugins
    When the file is uploaded, the plugin automatically loads.

  3. Once installed, go to your Rust Console page and start your server or restart it if it is currently running.
  4. Now we need to grant a user (yourself) or a group of users permission to use the installed plugin. Seeing as this plugin will be used by all players you will need to type the following into the console and press enter:
    oxide.grant group default furnacesplitter.use

    You have now granted permission to the group default (which is all your players) the ability to use the furnace splitter plugin.
  5. The console should respond with the following message:

    Group 'default' granted permission 'furnacesplitter.use'

    This completes the plugin installation.

Using The Plugin With The Small Furnace

  1. Log in to your server and put down a small and a large furnace.
    Then open the small furnace. You will be greeted with this:

  2. Now, once you’ve done your farming, make sure you have whichever ore you wish to smelt in your inventory as well as wood, as shown in the image below.

  3. Now, right-click on or drag the ore into one of the slots in the furnace and it will automatically split the ore according to the furnace splitter settings below the “Turn On” button and add the optimal amount of wood. You obviously need to leave 2 open slots (one for smelted ore and the other for charcoal). If you don’t, the furnace will go out.

    It also gives you an “Estimated Time Arrival” for completion of the smelt, as well as the amount of wood required to smelt all the ore.

    You can change the stack numbers to get more slots for smelted ore, but at the expense of longer smelting times and more wood usage but you won’t have to tend to the furnace as often. This will depend on whether you are at base or roaming.

Using The Plugin With The Large Furnace

  1. It works exactly the same as with the small furnace, except you have a lot more stack slots.

  2. Use the same process as before, except it will split it into more slots and is more efficient in regards to wood, but doesn’t produce as much charcoal.


For the full options and advanced configurations of the plugin, visit the plugin page located at:

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure that you have followed the tutorial step by step. If you are still facing issues after checking through the steps, you can always create a support ticket and Iceline Hosting will respond back within our business hours. Setup your Rust+ app and start your Rust server hosting services with Iceline Hosting now!