Rust Kits is an uMod modification that, as the name implies, will allow you to set custom kits of tools and items for your players. Fast, intuitive, and easy to use, certainly a good option for your Rust server.

You will be able to set custom icons for your kits, limit them to a specific role, set a cooldown, assign them a cost and even modify the GUI!

Installation (Mod Manager)

  • From your Iceline Game Panel, go to the plugins tab.
  • Using the search bar, search for the “Kits” plugin and press the “Install Plugin” button.
  • Restart your server.

Installation (Manually)

  • Download the plugin directly from the page (
  • Go to your server game panel>Files manager.
  • Go to the oxide folder>plugins and drop the file there.
    • Alternatively, you can use SFTP to upload the file, your SFTP details can be found on the Settings menu of your game panel.
  • Restart your server.

Create a Kit

To create a kit, you will need to

  • Put the items on your inventory in the order you want
  • Type /kit new or /kit to open the kits menu. There you will find a lot of options to further customize the kit, such as:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Auth level (To everyone, mods and owner, owner only)
    • Maximum uses
    • You could also set a custom icon for your kit, but this will require Image Library
  • When finished, press the ‘Copy from inventory’ button
  • Click on ‘Save Kit’.

If needed, you can also delete a kit with /kit delete NAME, or edit it with /kit edit NAME


The configuration file, as in many other oxide plugins, can be found in the config folder under the name ‘kits’. You can change here some of the options from the plugin.

  • Currency used for purchase costs: which, as the name implies, will be the price a user needs to pay to be able to claim a certain kit, can be set to ‘Scraps’, ‘Economics’ or ‘ServerRewards’
  • Log kits given: Which will keep a log of each time a kit is claimed
  • Use the Kits UI menu: Which will let you enable or disable the /kit ui, it’s turned true by default
  • “Default kit image URL”/ “View kit icon URL”: Both of them allow you to set a default image for the kits, which will be used every time you haven’t set a custom one
  • “Allow players to toggle auto-kits on spawn”: That will allow players the command to toggle whether they want to receive a kit at respawn or not, it is set to ‘false’ by default

You can also set the auto-kits here, which will be given to the player after respawn, only if they’ve met the requirements for that kit; it must be added inside “Post wipe cooldowns” brackets by using the following structure:

NameOfTheKit’: ‘Seconds


The commands available to users are:

  • /kit – Open the kit menu, could also be changed in the configuration
  • /kit NameOfKit – Which will claim the kit indicated
  • /kit autokit – Which will allow players to toggle the auto-kits, needs to be allowed in the configuration

Aside from the commands previously mentioned, admins (and users with the permission) also have access to these commands:

  • /kit list – To see all the stored kits
  • /kit give PlayerName KitName – To give a specified kit to a player
  • /kit givenpc KitName – To give the specified kit to the NPC you’re looking at, can also be used on players
  • /kit reset – To reset the player’s usage data

/kit list, /kit give, /kit reset, and /kit delete can be used directly from the server’s console

That’s it! You can check the Rust Kits Plugin’s page for more information.

Facing any issues?

If users can’t claim a kit make sure you’ve set the right permissions and requirements. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. You can check all our Rust tutorials here.

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