The Player Administration plugin is a great tool for monitoring and performing actions on online & offline players while in-game using a GUI. It allows you to teleport to your players, teleport your players to you. Mute, kick, ban and kill players. As well as heal, feed and water players. Those are just some of the features available.

Installing the plugin to your Rust Server

  1. Navigate to the plugins menu of the Iceline Game Panel and click on the PLAYERADMINISTRATION INSTALL PLUGIN button. If you can’t find it, you can search for it in the search box.

  2. Once installed go to your Rust Console page and start your server or restart it if it is currently running.

  3. Now we need to grant a user (yourself) or a group of users permission to use the installed plugin. Seeing as this plugin will only be used by admin you will have to grant a few permissions to yourself. Navigate to the console and enter these commands followed by enter.

    oxide.grant group admin playeradministration.access.*

    You have now granted the permission to the group admin the ability to use the PlayerAdminstration plugin and all its features.

  4. The console should respond with the following message:

    Group 'admin' granted permission 'playeradministration.access.*'

    This completes the plugin installation.

Using the plugin GUI

  1. Login into your server and and type /padmin in global chat.
    (you can bind the command to a key using the F1 console and entering the following

    bind m chat.say "/padmin"

    Now when you press m on your keyboard, the GUI will pop up.

  2. The top menu items are self explanatory, from the MAIN MENU TAB, you can ban players directly using their name.
    The ONLINE PLAYERS TAB shows you who is currently online.
    The OFFLINE PLAYER TAB shows you who has been online and is now offline.
    The BANNED PLAYERS TAB shows the players that have been banned.

    You will be using the ONLINE & OFFLINE PLAYERS TAB mostly for managing your players.
  1. The LEFT HAND BLOCK contains the currently selected Player Information.
  2. The RIGHT HAND BLOCK contains all the actions you can do to said player.

    1. BAN or KICK a player with a box for giving a reason.

    2. MUTE or UNMUTE a player.

    3. FREEZE freezes a player and makes them unable to move.
    (Requires additional plugin:

    4. CLEAR INVENTORY removes all items in a players inventory.

    5. RESET BLUEPRINTS deletes any and all of that players blueprints.

    6. RESET METABOLISM sets HP, Calories & Hydration to what they were when the player first connected.

    7. RECOVER METABOLISM maxes out both food and water stats of selected player.

    8. TELEPORT TO PLAYER teleports you to the selected player.

    9. TELEPORT PLAYER teleports the selected player to you.

    10. SPECTATE PLAYER kills you and shows you a 3rd person view of the player in question.

    11. PERMS shows you the permissions that player currently has. (requires additional paid for plugin)

    12. BACKPACKS shows you a players backpack.
    (requires additional plugin:

    13. INVENTORY VIEWER shows you a players inventory.
    (requires additional plugin:

    14. GODMODE toggles god mode on and off.
    (requires additional plugin:

    15. HURT/HEAL and KILL does exactly what is says.


This concludes the installation and usage of the PlayerAdministration plugin.
For the full options, advanced configurations and other plugins that work with this plugin, visit the plugin page located at:

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure that you have followed the tutorial step by step. If you are still facing issues after checking through the steps, you can always create a support ticket and Iceline Hosting will respond back within our business hours.