What is ULX?

We recommend you use ULX for your GMod server because it’s easy to use and configure. The admin menu in-game is simple and effective for beginners. There are also plenty of commands and works very well with DarkRP.

How to Upload ULX to Your GMod Server

  1. Download ULX here
  2. Login to the Iceline Game Panel
  3. Go to File Management
  4. Go to /garrysmod/
  5. Extract the contents of the ULX zip

Facing Any Issues?

If this does not work, pleased check if you have downloaded the zip from above and extracted the LUA folder correctly into the “garrysmod” folder. Be careful not to modify or delete any of the core game files, as this may mean you will need to reinstall your entire GMod server!

We assure you that other people will have come across the same issue! If you are still unsure of how to fix the errors, feel free to contact our support team here.


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