What is vMenu?

vMenu is a server-sided menu/trainer for FiveM servers that includes permissions and configuration support. Although vMenu is very customizable, some of the features include player options (god mode, heal, set health, wanted level, never wanted, etc.), advanced MP character customization, and many vehicle options, including saving cars.

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How to Install vMenu

  1. Head over to the vMenu GitHub page, scroll down, and download the .ZIP file as pictured below.
  1. Navigate to your ‘/resources’ directory (found within the root directory of your server) and create a new directory named ‘vMenu’. This can be done either through the Iceline Game Panel file manager or via an FTP application such as FileZilla.
  1. Drag and drop the contents of the vMenu.zip file we downloaded earlier into your vMenu directory that we just created.
  1. Next head back over to your server’s root directory (‘/container’), and open your ‘server.cfg’ file.
  1. Just like in the picture below, add either ‘start vMenu’ or ‘ensure vMenu’ to your default resources. This is usually around lines 6 to 15 of your server.cfg, and it’s important that you type it exactly as we’ve mentioned, as it is case-sensitive.
  1. Restart your server and vMenu is now successfully installed! If you’d like a slightly faster and easier method of installing vMenu, check out the next part of this guide.

How to Install vMenu Via The One-Click Mod Installer

  1. Begin with navigating over to the ‘Mods’ section of the Iceline game panel. You’ll see vMenu with the latest version, alongside plenty of other scripts/frameworks that you’ll find useful.
  1. Simply press the ‘install’ button and follow step 5 of the previous section of the guide and you’re good to go!

We Hope you Found This Guide Useful

We hope this guide aided you with the installation of vMenu, whether you’re new to FXServer development, or simply returning after a while. If you’re in need of assistance on similar topics, be sure to check out the rest of our knowledge base.

Additionally, why not start your FiveM adventure today with Iceline Hosting? It’s never been easier to start your server and our fantastic support team is more than happy to assist you with any problems you encounter along the way!