When deploying your own Counter-Strike 2 server you'll need to obtain and provide a Steam Web API key.

If you wish to use Workshop maps on your CS2 server you'll need this Steam Web API key, which is used to locate your desired workshop map and download it to your server.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to obtain the Steam Web API Key and how to configure the key with your Counter-Strike 2 server.

Getting Started

Before proceeding with this tutorial, it's essential to have a Counter-Strike 2 server. Iceline Hosting provides Game Hosting services for Counter-Strike 2, enabling you to quickly launch a fresh CS2 server.

We've also prepared an all-inclusive guide - "How to Create a Counter-Strike 2 Server". This resource is crafted to aid both beginners and seasoned users in comprehending the server creation process and exploring the diverse deployment alternatives.

How to Generate a Steam Web API Key

To generate a Steam Web API key you must have a Steam account, the steam account should also have access to the Counter-Strike 2 Game in your library.

  • First navigate to the Steam API Key form URL
  • It will ask you to fill in a domain name, this can be anything. For reference you can use "iceline.host"
  • Once the domain name has been entered, agree to the "Steam Web API Terms of Use"
  • Press "Register" and you'll be redirected to a new page with your Steam Web API key. Make sure to copy this key.
*key has since been deactivated*

How to Configure the Steam Web API Key

First, you'll need to navigate to your server in the Iceline Game Panel:

  • Go to the Iceline Game Panel
  • Click on your CS2 server, you'll be redirected to the console page
  • Navigate to the "Startup" tab which can be found at the top
  • Paste in the key that you previously copied into the "Steam account token" box
  • Once completed, restart your server and your CS2 server will now utilize the key provided.

Your Counter-Strike 2 server is now configured with a Steam Web API Key. You can now utilize any workshop map on your CS2 server.

Ensure you stay updated by regularly visiting the official Counter-Strike 2 website for any fresh updates. Also, don't hesitate to view our Knowledgebase; we consistently post new content to assist you in getting started with your CS2 server!