Why Have a Password on Your GMod Server?

Having a password on your GMod server is similar to a whitelist, you can decide who can join your server and whether you only want to play with your friends or not. The password is for those that want to protect their GMod server and develop on the server in peace without the worry of trolls or players joining.

How to Add Password to Your GMod Server

  1. Log in to your control panel
  2. Go to File Management 
  3. Click on the “garrysmod” folder 
  4. Click on the “cfg” folder
  5. Click on “server.cfg”
  6. Go to “line 44”
  7. Add a new line at the bottom with sv_password “passwordhere”
  8. Save the file, and restart your server.

Connect to your server like this: connect ip:port; password yourpassword

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure you have followed this guide properly and checked your console for errors.

When an issue occurs, check the console for an error message, and try googling it first… It’s likely that other people may have come across the same issue! If you are still unsure of how to fix the reoccurring errors, feel free to contact our support team!


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