Why Wipe My Rust Server?

In Rust, it’s very important to wipe your server. The most common wipe cycle you’ll come across is weekly map wipes, with a forced blueprint wipe upon the release of a game update. You might be thinking to yourself “Why are rust servers wiped so frequently?“. The reason being is that after around a week of consistent playing, most players will have achieved ‘end-game’ progress and the pace of gameplay will gradually slow down.

How to Wipe Your Server Through The Iceline Game Panelh4>

This first method will show the easiest way of wiping your Rust server through our Rust server hosting services.

  1. Navigate to the Iceline game panel.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Scroll across to the settings tab and you’ll notice a ‘Wipe Rust Server’ section, like the one pictured below:
  1. If you select the dropdown box, you can choose from the following wipe types; Maps, Blueprints, or Full wipe, which wipes both maps and blueprints together. Once you’ve decided what type of wipe you’ll be performing, select ‘Wipe Server’. Keep in mind, you may want to create a backup as this action is irreversible.
  2. Restart your Rust server hosting and it will have successfully wiped.

How to Wipe Your Rust Server Manually

This second method will show you how to wipe your Rust server manually through the use of the panel file manager, or through FTP.

  1. Navigate to the Iceline panel.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Select the file manager tab, or connect through FTP. We have a guide on how to connect to your server through FTP here.
  4. Navigate to the following directory /server/rust
  • To perform a map wipe only, simply delete all the files with the .map file extension in the directory mentioned in Step 4.
Example of map files.
  • To perform a blueprint/playerdata wipe only, delete all the files with the .db extension in the directory mentioned.
Example of playerdata files.

If you’d like to perform a full wipe, combine both of the methods mentioned above.

  1. Once you’ve successfully removed the files necessary for the type of wipe you’re performing, restart your server and you’ll be good to go!

Facing any issues?

Please ensure you follow this guide step-by-step and only remove the files necessary to this guide! As mentioned previously, it’s a good idea to create a backup on the off chance you accidentally delete the wrong files. Still having problems? Feel free to contact our support team at Iceline Hosting today.