There may become a point where you have decided to start from fresh and start a different experience within Valheim. To do this, you’ll most likely want to wipe/delete your Valheim World so you can generate a new world. This tutorial shows you how to delete your world on your Valheim game server hosting services at Iceline Hosting!

Finding the World Within the Files

To wipe the world, you will need to locate where the world files are stored. To do this, please follow the steps below:

1) Go to the Iceline Game Panel

2) Navigate to your Valheim game server hoisting server

3) Shutdown your Valheim server

4) Click “File Manager” and navigate to the directory below


5) There will be 2 files which are important “.db” and “.fwl”, the default server world name is “Dedicated”, therefore the files should appear as so:

Dedicated.db (your map data)
Dedicated.fwl (your identifier which includes your worldname and seed)

6) Simply delete all the files within this directory, and then restart your server.

Once done, your server’s world should be fully wiped allowing you to start over again.

Having Troubles?

If the above steps aren’t working, ensure you have shutdown your Valheim server before deleting the world and restarting your server again. Please open a support ticket if you are experiencing any issues.

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