Rust is a great PvP-oriented game where players can collect resources and build bases to defend against any sources of damage like other players and animals until you get your base destroyed by other players and decide to take revenge on your enemies solo or by allying with other players, rinse and repeat. This is essentially the default Rust Experience, and as fun as it may sound it can actually be improved by many of the plugins available through uMod.

So what's uMod? uMod is the plugin platform for Rust and an updated version of the original Oxide project, Thanks to uMod you can install plugins on your Rust Server to add new functionalities and expand over the default ones. Those familiar with Minecraft Servers will find this 'Plugins' concept really familiar, and while there are hundreds of plugins available we've decided on what we consider the best and essential 10 plugins for your Rust Server!

Are you interested in using plugins in your Rust Server? Our game panel has a plugin manager for Rust servers that you can use to download your favorite plugins easily! Start your Rust Journey today!

Before Starting

You need to have uMod installed on your server to use plugins, fortunately, this can be installed through the Mods manager from our game panel as a 1-click install, or by enabling the Oxidemod in the Startup tab

Now without further ado, let's talk about our own list of the best 10 Rust Plugins as of 2023:

Stack Size Controller

In Rust managing your inventory and storage is essential, and you and your players may not be happy with the default stack limits for each object after finding out how easy is to run out of space after raiding a big base and collecting a lot of resources, so a plugin like Stack Size Controller can be a great addition for your server.

As the name implies, Stack Size Controller lets you modify the max stack size of every item from a configuration file, either individually or by categories as requested, so you can optimize your storage space!

You can download Stack Size Controller through the uMod page, and we have a guide in our knowledgebase that you can follow to learn how to configure stack sizes in your server.

Gather Manager

Is there a specific item you're failing to find? Perhaps gathering resources manually is not worth the time? Are there multiple comments within your community about how good it would be to get more resources from different sources? Gather Manager is the exact plugin for that!

With Gather Manager you can modify the amount of resources you can get from all the different sources in the game, this plugin categorizes all sources into 4 different categories so you can apply values individually or in bulk. This is a really great plugin to use along Stack Size Controller.

You can find Gather Manager through its official uMod page here.

Admin Radar

Administrators need some tools to moderate and keep track of players or cheaters that could be hiding, and this is especially needed in large maps. This is why Admin Radar is a good plugin to have on your Server.

With a name already self-explanatory, this plugin adds a radar for administrators or any other groups with permission, to check the distance between them and other players or entities such as bags, boxes, ores...

You can download Admin Radar through its uMod page, and we have a guide in our knowledgebase covering this plugin further to get you started, which you can check here!

Admin Panel

With a name also self-explanatory, Admin Panel adds a GUI panel with shortcuts to commands from other plugins (Like Admin Radar, Vanish and GodMode) to speed the Administration process for the staff team on the server, and this interface can be hidden if required through the 'h' key.

The GUI panel can be customized through its configuration file, so you can choose different colors if you want.

You can find Admin Panel through its official uMod page here.

Rust Kits

Starting from scratch on a server can be difficult, especially if the server is highly populated, so it's always a good thing to give players a kit of basic tools and resources just so they can get started and survive the night, but how would you do that on Rust? Simple, using Rust Kits.

Rust Kits is a plugin that will add custom configurable kits to the server that both new and old players can claim, with multiple features to choose and configure as you like such as cooldown to claim kits, cost to claim kits, set custom icons, maximum usages  and even configure the GUI

Rust Kits is available through its uMod page, and we have a guide in our knowledgebase covering the configuration and kit creation process to get you started, which you can check here!

Better Chat

Is the default Rust Chat too bland for your liking? Why not consider using Better Chat to overhaul the chat system and get new cool features like being able to set different colors and prefixes for players or creating new groups with their own colors.

Better Chat can work along with some extensions for features like censoring certain words, adding a cooldown to chat to prevent flood or ignoring messages, as well as displaying Clan tags.

Better Chat is available for download through its uMod page, and we have a guide in our knowledge base covering this plugin further to get you started, which you can check here!

Instant Craft

Crafting items can take a really long time, time that we don't always have available for spending on those 3 ingots when there's a raid occurring in your base, so why don't you use Instant Craft?

Pretty much self-explanatory but Instant Craft lets you craft items instantaneously, and this plugin can be configured to only apply to certain items or as a benefit for a certain group only.

You can download Instant Craft through its uMod page, and we have a guide in our knowledge base covering the installation process which you can check here!


You can form Clans with other players in the default game already but there's not a built-in system for that nor special features, there's also the fact that it will require trust and even then there's always the risk of betrayal, so why not consider using the Clans plugin and adding an additional layer of protection?

The Clans plugin adds a custom clan system with cool features like allies, tags (with Better Chat), and ranks. Server Owners can also configure the maximum number of players and alliances a clan can have, the Tag colors, and a time frame (in days) to purge inactive clans.

Did this plugin catch your attention? Download Clans from its official uMod page here!


Those familiar with Minecraft Servers might be aware of the multiple commands available for teleportation, won't it be nice to have this on Rust as well? Well, say no more! as there's indeed a plugin for that and it's NTeleportation.

NTeleportation adds multiple teleportation systems to your Rust server, players will be able to send teleportation requests to other players using a random Player ID, and set points as 'homes' to teleport later on.

Server owners can configure the Teleportation cooldown, the limit of homes a group can set, and more. NTeleportation is also compatible with other plugins and adds new possibilities like setting a price to use the command with the Economics plugin or limiting the teleportation to only players that are Friends, or part of the same Clan/Team if you're using any of those plugins.

Ready to save time by teleporting to your friends or your base? Download NTeleportation and check the documentation on the uMod page here!

Vehicle License

Traveling on foot in the server can take quite a bit of time depending on the map size (at 30 minutes on average), so if you have extra resources just lying around then you may as well buy a nice transportation method and save your time with Vehicle License. Vehicle License adds the possibility of buying vehicles in the game and spawning/recalling them when required.

You can configure the amount of maximum cars a user can have spawned, the cooldown  The vehicle prices can also be configured by the server owner and it's compatible with other Economy plugins like Economics and Server Rewards.

Explore the Rust Map in your own vehicle today by downloading Vehicle Licenses from its uMod page here!

Additional Information

Are you interested in any of the plugins covered in this guide? You can also use the Plugins tab from our Game Panel to download these plugins automatically to your server!

And with that, we've reached the end of this blog! remember that this list does not represent a ranking and you're free to use any plugins of your choice, feel free to head to the official uMod plugins page and check our Rust Knowledgebase for any new guides to get you started in your Rust Server.