What is Stack Size Controller?

Adjusting the stack limit is a great idea if you’re running a modded Rust server hosting server with increased gather rates as it allows players on your server to conserve more space in their bases. To modify the item stack limit on your Rust server hosting server from Iceline Hosting, you’ll need to ensure that you have Oxide installed. You can view our tutorial on how to install Oxide here.

How to Install Stacksize Controller to Your Rust Server

  1. To begin, start by downloading the ‘Stack Size Controller’ plugin by navigating to your game panel, selecting the ‘plugins’ tab, and press install on ‘Stack Size Controller’. You can now skip to step four. Alternatively, you can install the plugin manually from here and follow the steps below.
  2. Connect to your SFTP via FileZilla (We have a guide on how to do this here).
  3. Upload the ‘StackSizeController.cs’ file to your /oxide/plugins folder.
  4. You can now restart your server and connect on Rust.
  5. Once loaded into your server from Rust server hosting services open the chat by pressing ‘T’ on your keyboard and type the following command “/stackall 10000” (Change the value to suit your needs).

If you’d like to change the item stack limit of a specific item, instead of the above command type “/stack item.short.name stacksize”

Facing any issues?

If you’ve loaded into your Rust server and you’re unable to enter the command above, ensure that you have assigned yourself as an admin by viewing the following guide. Also, check your server console for any errors! If you’re still having problems? Feel free to contact our support team.

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