Counter-Strike 2 is an FPS and Free to Play game and the latest update to the CS:GO game from Valve, featuring better graphics, sounds, effects, and an overall better experience thanks to the new engine.

Counter-Strike 2 also features a console and multiple commands so you can adjust the experience to your liking, either letting you add and remove bots or adjusting other parameters like the server gravity and more. This console can be used in single-player or in your own Counter-Strike 2 server console and it's the main tool you'll be using anytime you want to switch your Server Settings.

In today's tutorial, we'll be going over some of the best and most useful commands for your Counter-Strike 2 server so you can start using it to its maximum potential, and we'll also cover some useful tools so you can start building your CS2 community.

Before Starting

You need a Counter-Strike 2 server to be able to use the server console, fortunately, here at Iceline Hosting we offer Game Hosting for Counter-Strike 2, start your CS2 Journey today!

We also have a guide in our knowledge base so you can learn how to purchase a CS2 server with us, which you can read here.

There are also a few steps you'll need to follow to be able to use commands while in-game, such as Enabling the Developer Console and, if you're using SourceMod, Setting yourself as an Admin.

How to enable the developer console

You can use the Developer Console to connect to other servers or use some of the commands in-game, this option is disabled by default, but can be enabled again through the Game Settings:

  • In-game, open Settings and select Game.
  • Locate the Enable Developer Console option.
  • Change it from No to Yes.

With just this change the Console will be enabled and you will be able to use it by clicking the (~) key on your keyboard.

SourceMod: How to Set Yourself as an Admin

SourceMod includes an admin and permissions system in addition to a bunch of new commands, you can learn how to install SourceMod with our guide here.

Before you're able to use them on your server, you'll need to add yourself to the Admin list, just follow these steps:

  • Go to your server files.
  • Head to csgo>addons>sourcemod>configs
  • Locate the admins_simple.ini file and open it.
  • Add this line: "steam id" "99:z"
  • Replace "steam id" with your personal Steam ID (You can find your Steam ID with this URL), 99 is the highest hierarchy available and the z letter grants all permissions.
  • Save the file.
  • Restart the server.

Keep in mind the convar from above is meant to set yourself as the server owner with all the permissions, so if you want to add more admins to your server it's highly recommended you change the hierarchy and the permission letter as you see fit.

You can learn more about the Permissions System from SourceMod here, and while they're not covered in this list, you can also check a list of the available sourcemod commands here.

How do I use commands?

You can use commands in the server console from your game hosting provider, here's an example of the Server Console through our Game Panel.

Iceline Game Panel - Server Console
You can type your commands here and press enter to send them

List of Counter-Strike 2 Commands

There are dozens of commands available for Counter-Strike 2, so we've categorized some of them per their usefulness and effect.

General Usage:

These commands are a bit more general and can be used on your end.

  • quit: A bit self-explanatory, using this command will close CS2 entirely.
  • volume <value>: With this command, you can adjust the volume of the game. It can be any value between 0 (0%) and 1 (100%).
volume 0.73 (for 73% volume)
  • crosshair <value>: Is your crosshair distracting you? you can hide it with this command. Use 0 to disable it and 1 to enable it.
crosshair 0 (Disable)
  • cl_showfps <value>: Use this command to display the FPS count on your screen, useful if you want to test any graphic settings. Use 1 to enable it and 0 to disable it.
cl_showfps 1 (Enable FPS Count)
  • connect <server IP and port>;password <server password>: You can use this command to connect to a server, as long as you know the server IP and password (if required). For example:
connect;password 1234

If the server doesn't have a password then just use the connect <server ip and port> part.

  • disconnect: Will disconnect you from the current server.

Server Gameplay:

These commands are used to make any changes in the server and are meant to be used through the server console.

  • maps: This command will show you the list of all the available maps (map codes) on the server.
  • map <map code>: Do you want to change your current server map? just use this command with the map code corresponding to the map you want to use. For example:
map de_dust2 (This will change the server map to de_dust2)
  • changelevel <map code>: Same usage and function as the 'map' command.
changelevel de_dust2 (This will change the server map to de_dust2)
  • mapgroup <group>: CS2 has multiple map groups predefined, using this command will change the server list of maps to the specified group, so it will cycle through each map. Some of the groups are mg_hostage and mg_bomb (for hostage and demolition maps correspondingly).
mapgroup mg_hostage (This will change the server mapgroup to mg_hostage)
  • kick <player name>: A useful moderation tool to kick any player of your choice, just specify the username.
kick Javier (This will kick the user Javier from the server)
  • game_mode <game mode number>: CS2 has multiple game modes and game types available, you can combine this and the following command to change between them as needed.
  • game_type <game type number>: CS2 has multiple game types and game modes available, you can combine this and the above command to change between them as needed.

For example, if you wanted to change your game mode to Casual then you'd need to use game_mode 0 and game_type 0, and if you wanted to play Deathmatch you'd need to use game_mode 2 and game_type 1. You can check the official documentation here to see all the available combinations.


Bots can be really useful to practice and bring some artificial life to your server while waiting for players to join. Some of the commands that let you manage bots in your server are:

  • bot_add <t-ct> <difficulty><bot name>: With this command, you can add terrorists or counterterrorist bots to your server, with a specific difficulty (from easy to expert) and an optional name (it will be random otherwise). For Example:
bot_add t normal John (This will add a terrorist bot named John with a normal difficulty)
  • bot_difficulty <difficulty>: Have you assigned multiple bots already and would like to change their difficulties? you can use this command. For example:
bot_difficulty normal (With this you'd have set the difficulty to normal for all your bots)
  • bot_freeze <value>: Using this command will allow you to stop the bots from moving at all or not, use 0 to allow free movement and 1 to freeze them.
bot_freeze 1 (Bots won't be able to move)
  • bot_kick <kick criteria>: Are you making space in your server? with this command, you can kick all the bots, just the ones from a specific side or a specific named bot.
bot_kick t (This will kick all Terrorists bots from the server)
bot_kick all (This will kick all the bots from the server)
  • bot_kill <kill criteria>: Were you and your team killed by the bots already? You don't need to wait for the round to end as you can use this command to kill all the bots, all the bots from a specific team or difficulty, or just a specific bot.
bot_kill (Without any arguments, this command will kill all the bots)
bot_kill ct (This will kill all Counterterrorist bots)
bot_kill Jake (Will only kill the specified bot)


If you're bored in your server and/or want to try a different thing just use one of the cheat commands available, these commands can also be useful to just test anything.

  • sv_cheats <value>: This command will enable cheat commands in your server and is required for some other commands (such as bot_kill and noclip) to work. It can be set to 0 to disable cheats or 1 to enable.
sv_cheats 1 (This will enable cheats in your server)
  • god: With this command, you will enable god mode and won't receive any damage.
  • noclip: You can pass through objects and fly by enabling this command, useful for testing and discovering hidden parts of the map.
  • sv_infinite_ammo <value>: Self-explanatory but this command will allow you to enable infinite ammo in your server. Use 0 for the default non-infinite ammo, 1 for infinite ammo without reloading, and 2 for infinite ammo with reloading.
sv_infinite_ammo 2 (Infinite ammo will be enabled but you'll still need to reload)
  • sv_gravity <value>: You can modify your server gravity level with this command, allowing you to do really high or low jumps or throw grenades way too far. The default value is 800 for normal gravity, change it to whatever you want.
sv_gravity 1600 (Twice the default gravity, you will jump lower and fall faster)

There are other useful commands available that are not on this list but that can be found in the official forum, though we suggest using Totalcsgo instead as you can see explanations and usage for each command.

Useful Websites for your Counter-Strike 2 Server

We've compiled a few websites with information and tools useful for any server owner.

Find players for your server with TeamTavern.

In TeamTavern you can get in contact with other players who are looking for teams and invite them to your server. Just create a profile and advertise your server and you will soon find players who are interested.

TeamTavern Website

Check your Server Stats in BattleMetrics.

BattleMetrics is a great website to advertise your server and check other stats such as the list of current players, logs of who has joined/left the server, the current map, the uptime, and many graphs

BattleMetrics Website

Keep an eye on the CS2 Forum for any updates.

The Steam CS2 Announcements subforum is a great way to keep track of all the recent changes and updates within versions, Counter-Strike 2 was released just a few days ago so there will be quite a few changes and fixes coming and you need to be prepared.

CS2 Events and Announcements subforum

Managing a Counter-Strike 2 server can be complex and it may be hard to find players for your community, feel free to check our guide to get further insight into How to Build a Community for Your Counter-Strike 2 Server.

We've reached the end of this tutorial, we hope these commands and websites have introduced you further in the Management of your Counter-Strike 2 Server. Feel free to contact us through a ticket if you experience any issues! As always, feel free to check our Knowledgebase occasionally for any new guides on how to manage your servers.