What’s ESX?

ESX(also known as es_extended) is an RPG Framework for FiveM servers, a must-have for roleplay servers and one of the most popular scripts in the community, most of the FiveM servers use ESX for their grand quantity of functions and possibilities like jobs and economy which contributes to bringing life to the city!

Furthermore, you’re not limited only to the options offered by this mod, you can also use it along with other popular mods like FivePD or vMenu to further improve your experience!

How to Install ESX

  • In your game panel, click on your server and stop it
  • In the top menu bar click on the ‘mods’ tab. This will bring you to our mod manager.
  • Choose which version you want: ESXv1 or ESXv2 (Recommended) and click on install, as a result, the ESX version of your choice will now be pre-installed on your server
    • If you haven’t installed Async / Mysql-Async yet also install it, either one works and will be needed

Uploading the ESX files to the database

  • Go to the game panel of your server
  • Click on the File Management tab and download the .sql archive found there (either ESXv1 SQL.sql or ESX v2 SQL.sql)
  • Go to the ‘Databases’ tab
  • Using the credentials found here, click on phpMyAdmin and access
  • Click on your database (found on the left side) and press Import (found on the top bar)
  • Look into your files for the file you’ve recently downloaded, when selected press go, the file will start uploading to your server
    • You could also just drag and drop it and wait for it to complete

You haven’t created a database yet? check how to set up your database

Connecting the Database

  • Go to the game panel of your server
  • Go to File Management and then click on your server.cfg
  • There you’ll find a line called mysql_connection_string
  • Change the specified (red) spaces with the corresponding database detail
"server=MYSQL Host;uid=USERNAME;password=PASSWORD;database=DATABASE NAME"
  • Press the Save File button

All Done! Your server with ESX should now be completely set up. As you can see our mod manager makes it pretty easy to go! Enjoy playing!

Facing any Issue?

Make sure the file was uploaded correctly or that you’re using the correct ESX version. Your scripts might not be completely compatible with the ESX version you’re using. Please double-check the information you have entered into the server.cfg. If you mistyped or misformatted the details, it will not work correctly. If you are still having issues after this, feel free to contact Iceline Hosting’s support for further assistance.

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