MySQL Async is a FiveM Server and RedM Server resource that works like a MySQL library, allowing interactions between a local or remote database and the resources, making them include new features and store information

It’s a dependency for frameworks like ESX and EssentialMode because through this library they can store the data from each user in a database (such as the name, money, jobs, properties, identifier, and their last location), access and modify them, all in an automatic and asynchronous way

Furthermore, other alternatives accomplish a similar role in linking a database and a server, such as oxmysql, whose use is indispensable for the QB-Core framework. Feel free to see the tutorials we’ve made for it at our knowledge base

MySQL Async Installation:


MySQL Async Github page
MySQL Async Github page

Once the file has been downloaded and extracted, you’ll need to upload it to your server, you can do so through an SFTP program like Filezilla, here you can find a step-to-step guide about how to connect to your server through Filezilla

  • Once you’re on your server files, drag the folder from the file (previously extracted) and drop it into your resources folder
  • Navigate back to the root of your server files (/), and modify your server.cfg
    • You can do this directly through the File Manager from the Game Panel
  • Add the following line: ‘ensure mysql-async’
  • Save the changes
MySQL Async server.cfg

Through our Mod Manager:

MySQL Async is available in our Mod Manager, and it simplifies the process by making the installation automatic

  • In your Iceline Game Panel, navigate to the ‘Mods’ tab
  • Search for ‘MySQL Async’ and click on install
MySQL Async in the Mods tab of the game panel
  • A new window will pop up, click on ‘Install mod’
  • Navigate back to the ‘File Manager’, and click on the server.cfg, add the following line ‘ensure mysql-async’ and save the changes

That’s it! You’ve now installed MySQL-Async on your server, and it will be initiated each time you turn on the server. The next step is making a database (you can follow this guide if you haven’t made one yet) and setting up your MySQL connection string

Setting up a MySQL connection string

  • Inside your server.cfg, copy and paste the following code
set mysql_connection_string "server=Database Host;database=Your Database Name;userid=Your Database Username;password=Database Password"
  • Replace the highlighted text with your database credentials
    • You can find them in the ‘Databases’ tab of the game panel
  • Your MySQL connection string should look like this
Iceline Hosting Game Panel databases tab
MySQL connection string
Place it almost at the start of the server.cfg to avoid errors with resources
  • You can skip this process by going to the Databases tab and pressing the eye button, which will generate a connection string.
  • Copy the ‘FiveM connection string’ and paste it on your server.cfg

Make sure your database password doesn’t have a “=” on it or the connection string won’t work, you can reset your password through the Databases tab.

Facing Any issues?

Make sure the folder name is set to ‘mysql-async’, if you are still having issues after this, feel free to contact Iceline Hosting’s support for further assistance.

Learn more about our Server Hosting for FiveM™ at Iceline Hosting.