Why would you want to increase gather rates?

Increasing gather rates on your Rust server hosting server is an essential process for most modded servers on Rust. It allows players to farm resources at a higher rate and thus progresses through the game a lot faster. The plugin we’ll be using to achieve this is called ‘Gather Manager’ and will require you to have Oxide installed on your Rust server. You can view our knowledgebase tutorial on how to install Oxide here.

How to Install Gather Manager to Your Rust Server

  1. To begin, start by downloading the ‘Gather Manager’ plugin by navigating to your Iceline Game Panel, select the ‘plugins’ tab, and search for ‘Gather Manager’. You can now skip to step four. Alternatively, you can install the plugin manually from here and follow the steps below.
  2. Connect to your SFTP via FileZilla (We have a guide on how to do this here).
  3. Upload the ‘GatherManager.cs’ file to your /oxide/plugins folder.
  4. You can now restart your Rust server hosting.
  5. In this example, we’ll be changing the resource gather rate by 10x the base game value. To do so, from the Iceline panel or the in-game console, type the following command “gather.rate dispenser * 10
  6. If you’d also like to change the multiplier of pickups (items you can find on the ground) you can use “gather.rate pickup * 10

These are the basic modifications that can be made through the use of Gather Manager. If you’d like to configure the plugin in more depth, you can view more information on the official uMod page here.

Facing any issues?

If you’re attempting to enter the commands above through the in-game console, ensure that you’ve assigned yourself as an admin. You can view our guide on how to do this here. Be sure to also check your console for any plugin errors! If you are still having problems with your Rust server hosting services or gather rate add-on, feel free to contact our support team.